If you have been considering updating the appearance of your home, you may want to look into professional landscaping for your yard. There are many different things that this can entail, and each yard has its own unique needs. In addition, you as a homeowner may want to achieve various things with your landscaping. As much as you may want to tackle this task on your own, it may not be the best idea to DIY your yard. Here are a few reasons why you need professional landscaping

1. Keeping Up With the Maintenance

One of the main reasons professional landscaping is recommended is to maintain the upkeep. While this sometimes refers to having a landscaper come out regularly to trim and water and fertilize, it can also mean planning your landscaping around how much upkeep you are willing to put in yourself. Professional landscapers know which plants need what and can discuss with you to see how involved you would like to be in keeping your yard looking brand new and nice. 

If you want a more hands-off approach, professional landscaping offers you the ability to have pre-programmed watering systems installed. It can also offer you the ability to never need to mow your lawn or weed your flower boxes or trim down bushes. Whether you have someone doing the maintenance for you, or you plan on keeping up with it yourself, professional landscaping can get you set up for success. 

2. Avoiding Infestations

A common problem in Las Vegas landscapes is the potential for infestations. While we may not see many of the pesky pests that exist in the eastern states because of the hot, dry climate, there are still some insects that thrive in the desert, and can potentially wreak havoc on your yard! If you have real grass as opposed to the popular turf options here, you may find your lawn being devoured by certain kinds of larvae, chinch bugs, and leafhoppers. These particular insects love to make a meal of your grass, resulting in thinning or bald spots throughout your yard. 

Typically infestations like these, or of other insects, are caused by watering your lawn too much. This results in the pooling of water and soggy sod, which makes for a cozy home for pests. To avoid encountering this issue, it’s best to follow restricted watering guidelines like only watering during certain times of the day and paying attention to the weather conditions as well. Having a sprinkler system that allows for customization of times and frequency is a great way to stay on top of this task. Having professional landscaping done can help plan for and prevent this from happening. 

3. Maintaining Soil Balance

Another thing to note about Las Vegas is that the soil is likely to be highly mineralized. Runoff from the mountains surrounding the valley can contribute to this, as well as excessive exposure to and buildup of chemicals and solvents. All of this, combined with watering your lawn shallowly and too frequently can wash away the good and make room for the bad. Professional landscaping typically takes this into account and can help you maintain proper soil balance.

4. Improve Curb Appeal

When you are looking to improve your curb appeal, it’s important to consider what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You want to make your landscaping as visually interesting as possible. If your yard is boring, it may not inspire anyone to take a second look. While that is not as bad as a negative response, we are aiming for raving reviews here, and no response does not achieve that goal. In addition to picking colors and textures that are appealing, it is also important to consider the existing style of your home and plan around that. The design of your landscaping should flow naturally. Sharp angles and straight lines are not as aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, or inviting. Instead, aim to create natural curves that serve as a path for your eyes to travel down and a journey for your visitors to take. This dynamic design adds to the curb appeal of your home more than simply creating a static, boxy style landscape. Professional landscaping can help you accomplish this. 

5. Increase Home Value

Whether you are currently in the market to sell your home or not, increasing your home’s value can be extremely beneficial. In order to increase the value, it’s necessary to improve the curb appeal. In fact, you can raise the value of your home by up to 20% with the addition of some properly manicured and maintained professional landscaping

First impressions are important in the housing market because sometimes a snap judgment based on the appearance of your home can make or break your success in making bank. In addition, even if you are not looking to sell your home, you can contribute to improving the neighborhood and surrounding areas by keeping up appearances as well. 

If you have decided that you are in need of professional landscaping, be sure to contact the experts at J or J today!