Iron, like all metals, inevitably rusts after long exposure to the elements. The same can be said about your iron wrought fence. While the iron-wrought is a durable material that can stand up to years of exposure and wear-and-tear, the iron will eventually start to show signs of corrosion and rust. When this happens, you probably think to yourself that is time to repair or replace the fence. Of these two options, repairing the fence might be your best bet assuming the rusted iron wrought can be repaired.

What Causes Rust?

When iron is exposed to water, such as rainwater or sprinkler water, the iron reacts by oxidizing which gives rust its orange/brown look. To prevent this rust, iron gates are typically coated with a layer of paint intended to keep the iron protected. While this method is effective, likely, the paint will inevitably chip exposing the iron and allowing it to rust.

What Are the Signs of Corrosion and Rust?

The first sign of rust is the dark brown or orange color that makes rust and corrosion easy to spot. Generally, this rust will be found around areas where the paint has chipped away exposing the iron. In addition to these colors, rust can also appear to be green and white which is a sign of corrosion.

While these are signs that iron has already started to rust, there are ways to identify potential areas where rust might set in. Rust will set and oxidize any metal that is exposed, scratched, or unprotected so it is important to look for areas of the fence that could be vulnerable to rust.

What Should You Do if You Spot Rust on Your Iron-Wrought Gates?

When you notice the telltale signs of rust, the first thing you should do is contact a professional ironworks contractor who can handle the repair or replacement of your iron wrought fence. Assuming the damage is minimal, it may be a quick repair that can have your fence looking brand new. In the worst-case scenario, you can have the gate replaced by a beautiful, custom iron-wrought gate. In either case, you win.