Bricks, cinder blocks, and other similar materials are used to build many kinds of structures. Whether it is a home, a landscaping feature, or a wall or fence, these building materials are usually solid and sturdy, and they make for long-lasting additions. As durable as they are, however, cracks and other damages can still occur. If you have brick or cinder block structures on your property, and have noticed some flaws in them lately, you may be wondering, what causes bricks to crack? 

Causes of Brick Cracks


When homes are built, the soil must be prepared in order for the foundation to be laid properly. After time, the soil may settle, causing the foundation to shift slightly. This can result in other aspects of the home or structure also shifting, and bricks may then crack. Usually these cracks are smaller vertical ones, which do not affect the structural integrity of the house, but may require some maintenance. 

Climate and Seasonal Factors

When temperatures drastically change, materials can constrict and expand to both conserve and release heat. This fluctuation can cause bricks to crack or break. In addition, other inclement weather such as high winds and heavy rains or even extended periods of drought can wear down the building material, and result in corrosion or bricks splitting. Depending on how detrimental the damage is, full repairs may need to be made. 

Local Construction

It seems like there is always new construction popping up around town. Vegas is constantly expanding, and as more people move to the neighborhood, the construction may come close to home. Whether its new construction or renovations, the heavy machinery and continual vibrations can cause your home to shift, resulting in brick cracks. This cause is less common than some of the other ones, but it is still an important factor to consider. 

Landscaping Close to Home

If you have had your yard landscaped, and have added larger trees or bushes, your bricks may be more susceptible to cracking. The roots from these plants can stretch far, and they may interfere with the foundation of your home. If this happens, cracks can occur as the materials shift to make room for the plant’s roots. 

As you can see, there are many potential causes for bricks cracking. No matter what the cause is, the severity can differ. If you’ve noticed cracks in your bricks, it may be a good ideal to call in a professional to see if any maintenance or repairs need to be made. Have questions about brick work or other masonry? Contact our experts today!