When you live in the desert of Las Vegas, it may seem impossible to have a luscious lawn and growing garden as part of your landscaping plans. However, this aspiration is truly not that far from reach. Taking care of Las Vegas landscaping is fairly simple, treat it how you would anywhere else, be sure to invest in plants that thrive in the atmosphere, and keep and eye out for some of the most common landscaping problems that homeowners run into here in the valley. Let’s take a look at those potential problems and some actions you can take to avoid or fix them! 


While we may not see many of the pesky pests that exist in the eastern states because of the hot, dry climate, there are still some insects that thrive in the desert, and can potentially wreak havoc on your yard! If you have real grass as opposed to the popular turf options here, you may find your lawn being devoured by certain kinds of larvae, chinch bugs, and leafhoppers. These particular insects love to make a meal of your grass, resulting in thinning or bald spots throughout your yard. 

Typically infestations like these, or of other insects, are caused by watering your lawn too much. This results in pooling of water and soggy sod, which makes for a cozy home for pests. To avoid encountering this issue, it’s best to follow restricted watering guidelines like only watering during certain times of the day and paying attention to the weather conditions as well. Having a sprinkler system that allows for customization of times and frequency is a great way to stay on top of this task. 


Another thing to note about Las Vegas is that the soil is likely to be highly mineralized. Runoff from the mountains surrounding the valley can contribute to this, as well as excessive exposure to and buildup of chemicals and solvents. All of this, combined with watering your lawn shallowly and too frequently can wash away the good and make room for the bad. In order to address and resolve this common desert landscaping issue, you should reduce the exposure to harmful chemicals and minerals, follow a watering guideline to help prevent shallow or frequent watering, and invest in quality organic fertilizer. Taking these actions will help to restore the natural balance of minerals within your soil. Take a look at some other suggestions for keeping your soil healthy here


Over time, your soil can become compacted with extensive foot traffic and buildup of dead grass, leaves, or other plant trimmings. Soil compaction can cause your lawn to look patchy in areas, and can contribute to over watering or under watering in different areas of your yard. Letting this continue for an extended period of time can kill your grass. In order to avoid this from becoming an issue, you can dethatch your lawn by taking a rake to it or attaching a blade to your lawn mower. This essentially tills the top layer of your yard, removing dead grass and invigorating the lawn. When possible, avoid walking over the grass and stick to pathways or pavers to get to where you are going. 

While having a luxurious luscious lawn in Las Vegas may seem like a difficult feat, by taking some extra precautions, it is actually an attainable aspiration. If you are interested in starting a landscaping project for your home, or if you have further questions on how to keep your yard looking great, contact our team of experts today!