If you have been keeping up with our recent blog posts, you will know that we have previously discussed how a patio cover can add value to and otherwise benefit your home. Now that we’ve gone into all the reasons you might just want one, let’s talk about how you can go about customizing your patio cover. Trust us, there are tons of ways to do this!

Why You Need a Patio Cover

Just in case you haven’t read through our blog post about all the benefits of patio covers, we figured we would summarize it here before diving into customization. Patio covers can help regulate the temperatures both inside your home and out. They provide a shaded area for you to enjoy the outdoors in, and they block some of the direct sunlight glaring into your home. This also helps to prevent some potential sun damage to your patio and your belongings. In addition, you gain an extra living space to host gatherings or get some quiet time in year round! Last but not least, patio covers can be extremely aesthetically pleasing, especially if you customize them for your personal needs! Which leads us to today’s topic.

Customization Options

There are many, many options when it comes to customizing your patio cover and outdoor space. While we couldn’t possibly address every single one here, we created a list of the most common aspects homeowners choose to customize here. 


Whether you are looking for your patio cover to blend in seamlessly with your home, or you are looking to add an accent, the amount of customization you have available to you with choosing the color of your patio cover is almost endless. Colors may be limited in certain material types (another customizable feature!), but there are plenty of options to browse! 


Patio covers can be created in many different styles. If you want clean, simple, and modern, that can be achieved. If you want something more ornate and fancy, that can also be done. Want something in between, or a totally unique option? Chances are you can have that created as well. Patio covers should be an extension of your home’s aesthetics, not an eyesore, and you can customize them to fit in however you want. 


The most common choice for patio covers seems to be a direct extension out from your home. This means mounting it right to the façade of the home, using two posts on the outer edge to stabilize it. However, detached patios are gaining in popularity recently, as well as patio covers that are attached to other structures within your yard. However you want your patio cover set up, it is completely customizable!

Finishing Touches

There are several little finishing touches that can be added to your patio cover, and they all serve different purposes. Depending on what you are intending to use your covered patio for, you may decide to add sliding glass panels, curtains or other drapery, screen enclosures, lighting, heating or fans, speakers, and more. The possibilities are endless! 

As you can see, there are so many options for customizing your patio cover. If you want to look into your choices and find a patio cover solution that works for you, contact our team of experts today!