First impressions are everything. We know this because we form opinions on everything from the moment we first observe them. There really are no exceptions to this unspoken fact, and we often do whatever we can to improve our appearance to others. This extends all the way to the outskirts of our lives, even to things such as the outdoor space surrounding our home. 

Having an aesthetically appealing home not only makes it look like you have it all together (do any of us really, though?), but it becomes a warm, inviting space for friends and family to gather. In addition, needing to keep up with the Joneses requires that you always have an edge up on the neighborly competition. 

One more advantage to your home having a stellar outdoor space is that it adds value to your home. Should you ever wish to sell your house and move elsewhere, you will find that you have more luck attempting to accomplish this if your home actually creates a good first impression. 

So we understand that outdoor space has importance for several reasons, whether practical or petty. The question now is how do you go about gifting yourself an updated outdoor space? 


Color can be utilized in many ways on the exterior of a house. Though you may not wish to take on a big task such as repainting your entire home, you can update your look with a freshly painted door. You can also repaint the trim, or add other color accents elsewhere to spruce up the house. 

Accenting Entrances

Drawing attention to a covered porch, and grand entryway at the door, an elegant gate, or a prominent archway can all add design interest to your outdoor spacel. If you do not have any grand entrances like this yet, you can invest in one and have a custom feature created for your home. 


Home facades with only one finish or texture quickly become flat and boring to look at. Make your home stand out with added textural features such as stone and brick. Not only does this add more visual interest to your home, it can actually add value as well! 


Having a manicured landscape can do wonders for your curb appeal. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping up with watering a full garden, go with a simple, low maintenance desert landscape. This will save you money on your utility bills, all while adding to your home’s first impression. 


Updating outdated panes of glass not only looks good on the exterior, it can also save you energy costs by eliminating escaping air. There are many window styles available these days, so you can easily switch up the aesthetic of your home by selecting something different than what you have currently. 


Character is something that everyone recognizes, but only few can create. By combining quirky accents with structural aspects, you can design a space that becomes visually appealing and aesthetically interesting. 

All in all, your outdoor space affects people’s first impression of your home. You can update or improve the outdoor space surrounding your house by doing any number of these items, and you can even drastically change the appearance by combining some of these updates. If one of the improvements you are interested in is landscaping or masonry or stonework, contact us today!