We all appreciate a home with a gorgeous curb appeal, and we often strive to better the curb appeal of our own home. Gotta keep up with the Joneses, right? More often than not, this involves meticulously groomed landscaping and a highly pruned aesthetic. The cost of maintaining such an exterior can quickly add up, however, so finding ways to lower your landscaping bills can be beneficial. 

Create a Low Maintenance Landscape

The majority of landscaping costs come from the maintenance of the lawn and flowers. This maintenance includes replanting, watering, fertilizing, and more. Let’s look at some ways to cut the corners on these costs. 

Artificial Grass

In a dry, hot climate such as Vegas, it requires lots of water to keep real grass healthy and green. This cost can be completely avoided by replacing your lawn with artificial turf. Though this is an initial investment, the savings are noticeable almost immediately as your water bill decreases drastically. 

You will also be saving money on fuel for your mower, and your time can be better spent doing anything other than mowing your lawn. Artificial turf reduces the amount of maintenance your lawn needs across the board. You will no longer need to mow, water or fertilize, and the only maintaining your new lawn will need is a simple rake once a month. 

Perennial Plants

In regards to the flowers and plants that you place in your landscape, there are two main categories: perennials and annuals. Perennials last throughout the years, and are resilient to withstand extreme weather conditions. Annuals, on the other hand, may be more colorful initially, but they die out quickly and require replanting every year. You can save a tremendous amount of money by picking plants that only need planted once. Bushes, shrubs, lavender, and daisies are all great options for perennial plants. 

Create a Landscape with Less Green Space

We’ve already discussed saving water by switching to artificial turf. Another way to accomplish this is by lessening the amount of green space in general. You can create an aesthetically pleasing landscape without including too much green. Have stone features installed, design a contemporary play space or sand pit for the kids, utilize decorative lawn furniture and other structures. There are plenty of ways to make a space inviting without the overuse of water-reliant greenery.  

Create a Space with Used Items

One final way to save some spendings on your landscape is to buy used whenever such items are available. Outdoor furniture is a common thrifty find, and it can easily be updated to match your decor, or you can piece together a few different aesthetics to create a whimsical eclectic space. Other items you can find secondhand include gardening tools, landscaping rocks, pavers, pots and planters, and even things like lights and other decor. This can be an economical and fun way to make the space your own. 

Overall, keeping up with your landscaping can get quite pricey. Finding ways to save money where you can, such as creating a low maintenance landscape, creating a less green space, and purchasing used items when possible, can all benefit your budget. If you want to see what our options are for landscaping solutions, contact us today!