Overwatering is a common mistake that homeowners make when caring for their own lawn. While many people understand that adding water to the soil will help their plants and lawns grow, few understand how different kinds of soils lend themselves differently to different amounts of water. This can lead to homeowners overwatering their landscaping while accidentally creating situations that cause plants and grass to grow in suboptimal conditions. Either a landscape will be oversaturated or drowned out altogether. Avoid overwatering your landscape this summer by following these tips.

Monitor Your Irrigation System

One of the most common reasons why people overwater is simply because they are unaware they are doing so. Monitoring your irrigate will not only help you prevent overwatering your lawn, it will also help with water conservation efforts across the valley. In Southern Nevada, the Southern Nevada Water Authority recommends watering 3 days a week and never on Sunday. In many cases, your landscaping company will monitor your irrigation system for you.

Research Soil Types

Beyond monitoring your home’s irrigation system, preventing the overwatering of your home’s lawn and garden can be done by understanding which kind of soil you are watering. In Southern Nevada, much of the soil is dry and hard, like clay, which makes it easy for water to cause runoff. When water causes runoff, the nutrients in the soil are swept away by water that does not penetrate into the soil. To avoid overwatering to the point of causing runoff, watering should be done slowly so that water has time to penetrate deep into the soil.

Work With a Professional Landscaping Company

The best way to prevent overwatering this summer is to work with a professional landscaping company that understands the best practices for watering and caring for specific soil types and plant life. The knowledge and experience that a professional landscaping company brings are invaluable when you want to ensure that you can have a beautiful yard even in the middle of the desert in Southern Nevada. Want to learn how J or J Welder can help you scape the yard of your dreams while helping you avoid overwatering this summer? Give us a call today.