Commercial landscaping is an involved process that includes different facets, such as meticulous planning, innovative designs, careful installation, and ongoing maintenance. Interestingly, there are many types of landscaping that can spruce up businesses and buildings, help attract potential clients or tenants, and even increase the work output of existing employees. Depending on the specific building or business, various commercial landscaping endeavors can achieve different effects.

The Goals and Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping serves a different purpose than residential landscaping. Whereas residential landscaping focuses more on curb appeal and homeowner pride, commercial landscaping strives to reflect the values of a specific business and garner the attention of potential clients or tenants. Whether it is an apartment building, office, or another kind of business, commercial landscaping is more about achieving an effect that is likely to attract others. In fact, there are many benefits to commercial landscaping:

  • Combine form and functionality in an innovative way
  • Creatively relay the image, message, or values you wish to portray to others
  • Engage in eco-friendly and energy-saving measures

Overall, the point of commercial landscaping is to utilize a pleasing aesthetic to make a statement. In addition to looking attractive, its goal is to enhance the experiences of employees, clients, and tenants so that they have a memorable encounter.

Achieving the Desired Aesthetic with Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping can include plants, lighting, irrigation, furnishings, and other features (such as playgrounds or trails). It may also include hardscaping, which is the non-living portion of landscaping, such as walkways, fences, bike racks, and more.

Interestingly, different commercial landscaping measures may achieve different effects. For example, if one of the values of your company is sustainability, you may promote an eco-friendly presence through the types of plants you choose, trails you include, and irrigation techniques that work to conserve water.

If you value inclusivity, you may display this to others through designing playgrounds, accessways, and parking areas that are handicap-friendly. Furthermore, lighting can help mark pathways clearly and provide a safety element for those on the property at night. The use of water fountains, shaded areas, and delightful greenery can promote mindfulness, creating a relaxing area that employees, visitors, or tenants can retreat to. In essence, there are many ways to use landscaping features to promote your values, goals, and create desired effects. In addition, landscaping can convey personality and uniqueness.

The Creative Element of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping can be a highly creative process. For example, you may know you want to add a garden to promote a relaxing atmosphere, but you can be creative in the type(s) of gardens you add to your property. There are tropical gardens, formal gardens, water gardens, therapeutic gardens, and flower gardens that can showcase your personality and that of your business. Every feature, plant, shrub, or tree you select can add a unique dimension to your landscape that differentiates you from other businesses and buildings.

Commercial Landscaping with J or J

Important elements of commercial landscaping include thorough planning, designing, installation, and maintenance. It also involves many facets, such as plants, lighting, irrigation, furnishings, and other features. Importantly, commercial landscaping can be used to relay the values and goals of the business along with a distinct flair of personality that achieves an effect far beyond aesthetics. If you are ready to transform your business with commercial landscaping, get in touch with us today!