As the weather progressively gets nicer, we often tend to spend more time outdoors, gathered on patios for pool days and barbecues. If your patio is outdated or dilapidated, however, it may not be a pleasant place to spend a lot of time. There are many ways to go about updating or upgrading your patio area. One of these ways is by incorporating stones. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite stone additions to patios! 

Stone Patio

The simplest way to incorporate stone into your patio is to make the patio itself out of stone! There are many benefits to a stone paver patio. Stones are far more durable than wood in regard to the lifespan of a patio. This material withstands daily wear and tear more effectively, and requires much less upkeep. Fixing problems with stone patios may just require replacing a single paver, however, wood patios can easily warp or rot, requiring a lot more intensive maintenance. Stone patios also allow you to have much customization, as various patterns or designs can be created. Extreme weather rarely affects them, and the investment in a stone patio provides a statement piece that will be around for years to come. 

Fire Pit

Another popular option for integrating stone into your patio is by installing a fire pit. This elevates your outdoor area by creating a space to gather around with your friends and family. It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor area after dark as well. Stone fire pits can bring a sense of elegance and can increase the value of your home tremendously. Not only will you be able to enjoy your house more while you live there, but you can benefit from installing a fire pit when you go to sell your home as well. 

Sitting Wall

A sitting wall can help to break up an expansive outdoor space, and can add some permanence to your patio area. Sitting walls are ideal if you plan on creating separate areas for different activities outdoors, if you plan on hosting events or entertaining frequently, or simply as a surface to set cups or plates on during a pause in a barbecue buffet. You can create them at any height and can customize them to be any number of colors, patterns, textures, and more. Enjoy the outdoors without constantly having to set up and put away chairs by installing a sitting wall. 


Another creative idea to incorporate stone in your patio area is to invest in planters. Creating stone planters around your yard and patio results in the ability to grow whatever you would like, without having to worry about the planter material warping or rotting. Wood planter boxes are extremely impermanent, and stone planters offer a unique solution to this challenge, as well as establishing an elevated aesthetic. 


Dividing walls can help separate various areas of your yard or patio, and are very permanent establishments of these designations. You can choose to have a stone wall installed to separate your patio itself from the rest of your yard, to separate an outdoor kitchen from the rest of your patio, to separate grass or turf landscaping from rocks or pavers, and more. 


Yet another option for the incorporation of stones into your patio is a bench or seating area. A stone bench as opposed to a bench made of another material ensures that it remains where it is placed and is not moved around your yard by people or by wild winds. Stone benches are durable and will provide a place for you and your guests to rest for many years down the road. 

If you are interested in incorporating stone into your patio in any way, contact our stone mason experts to see how we can help