Your gateway is the welcoming centerpiece to your home. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and equally safe, a combination that can be difficult to obtain. If you’re considering installing new gates or replacing old ones, read on to find out why wrought iron gates are one of the best options on the market.

What is Wrought Iron?

In simple terms, wrought iron is an iron alloy with less than 0.08% carbon content. You might be more familiar with cast iron, which features a carbon content of between 2.1% and 4%.

What are the benefits of using wrought iron gates?

You might be thinking – well, why should I choose it? Below we provide some of the best benefits to opting for wrought iron over cast iron and other popular materials.

They’re incredibly durable

When used to make fences, wrought iron is commonly referred to as ‘100-year fencing’. You don’t earn a nickname like that without being a tried and tested durable powerhouse. Gates made from wrought iron will easily outlive you, making them a fantastic value for money proposition.

Forget replacing your gates every couple of years. If you take care of them, wrought iron gates age incredibly well and are an investment that lasts a lifetime.

They’re tremendously secure

Wrought iron gates are famous for being very secure, as they can naturally withstand significant amounts of pressure. If security is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with this type of material.

They look beautiful and sophisticated

The best part of wrought iron gates? They are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. In addition to top-notch security and durability, your wrought iron gates will add a wonderful touch of design to your property. They offer a classic look that never goes out of style.

You should also note that most manufacturers produce wrought iron gates in various styles and designs, ensuring that you get a fit that meets your particular needs.

Increase property appeal

Your wrought iron gates will do wonders for curb appeal if you ever decide to sell your property. They will be seen positively by potential buyers and, in some instances, help increase your property value.

They’re easy to maintain

Wrought iron is known to be very easy to maintain and keep in top condition. Due to its durability, this type of material is hard to damage and, as a result, requires less maintenance than other more fragile materials.

If damage is done, chances are you can always replace the small affected area, saving you from buying an entirely new gate.

Are Wrought Iron Gates Worth the Investment?

Wrought iron gates are at first more expensive than using other popular materials, such as wood. However, you’ll save money in the long run due to their low maintenance cost and longevity. While your neighbor goes through the hassle of replacing his wooden gates every decade or so, you can sit back and know that your gates won’t need work any time soon. Want to learn more? Ready to take the next step? Contact J or J Welder today!