Custom Iron Work

Creating a setting with timeless appeal is a given when you partner with our team of designers, architects and engineers for your custom iron work.

We can simplify the process with expertise that covers the scope of your project, from building code requirements and metallurgical compatibility to historic design integrity and technical drawing development.

Our Project Manager will work closely with you, your contractor and your client throughout design, modifications and manufacturing, until the product is installed to your–and your client’s–satisfaction.

Fences are mainly for privacy and security but why not have those benefits and add charm and character for your home.

Ornamental ironwork does not have to be limited, a basement entrance can also be included or contemporary railings to fulfill your own creative finish product.

Handrails can be ornamental, wrought iron handrails or simply handrails required by local codes.

They are typically designed to provide a measure of security for a window or to add an ornamental iron appearance to windows. They are custom made to fit most windows in many styles and designs with available choices.

Provide security and ornamental ironwork to most doors.

Three considerations when choosing exterior rails: Safety, beauty and easy to maintain. We design iron railings that fit style and taste for your residence or business. Consider your design in iron, aluminum and stainless steel as well.

If you have a need for a custom made or decorative balcony to fit your home’s unique look, J or J Welder can create customized and outdoor balcony for your morning sunrise right outside the window or door of your room.

With a window guard or flower box, you can bring the front of your home to life.

Iron Galleries


Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the fence, the view is incredible when it is rolled back. Also, the gate looks great. The new painting scheme is perfert, let Jose know as well…

Bob Meyer

Thank you for the good job, I am glad that you guy did the job, don’t forget to say thanks to Amanda, she recommend you guy, one more time, thank you…



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