Is it time to replace your metal fence? How do you know when your metal fence needs to be replaced? There are a few tell-tale signs that a metal fence is due for a replacement, and here’s how you can spot them.

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While a metal-work fence can be a durable and long-lasting piece of your home, there comes a time when all metal inevitably succumbs to the elements, and the dirty orange signs of rust setting in. When you notice that your metal fence has extensive visible rust, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your fence. Rust can cause the metal fence to weaken and fall apart rendering the fence effectively useless.

Bent, Warped, Leaning, or Sagging Metal

Much like rust can render your metal fence useless (in terms of keeping pets in and people out), a fence with bent, warped, leaning, or sagging metal will also make the metal fence effectively useless.

Deteriorating Welds

Depending on the quality of your welder, the welds on your ironwork fences can last for a decade, if not longer! That being said, welds do deteriorate over time, weakening the strength of the fence. Additionally, welds can deteriorate prematurely if they were improperly made. Some causes of premature deteriorating welds include contaminated welds that picked up dirt and debris, welds that were heated improperly, and welds that trapped corrosive gasses in them weakening them from the inside out.

Exposed or Damaged Fasteners

It’s also important to inspect the fasteners that hold your fence together to ensure that they are not rusted, exposed, damaged, or are no longer securing the sections of the fence. While the overall integrity of your fence may remain standing— damaged or exposed fasteners can weaken the integrity of the fence.

Chipping and Peeling Paint

While you may not need to replace an entire fence due to chipping and peeling paint, there may be some underlying issues that should be cause for inspection. When it comes to metal fences, the paint can provide a protective layer that prevents water from causing rust— especially to iron fences which are especially susceptible to rust and weather damage. If you notice chipped or peeled paint, be sure to call an ironworking professional to inspect.

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