If you are looking for stone masonry in Las Vegas, you have come to the right place. J or J Welder specializes in natural stone masonry, brickwork, concrete laying, and various other kinds of hardscape that can significantly benefit your home’s curb appeal and functionality. You can incorporate stone masonry into the landscaping around your house, so let’s dive into those and then discuss how you can ensure that you are going with the right expert for your stone masonry.

Incorporating Stone Masonry into Your Home

Our stone masonry clients want their experience to be professional and convenient. We also know that they want a wide selection of services and options. Our knowledge of stone masonry in Las Vegas, combined with our experience and passion for our work, ensures that all of these desires are met. How will you choose to incorporate stone masonry at your home?

Custom Built-in BBQ

One of the many ways we can utilize stone masonry work in your yard is by installing a custom built-in BBQ. This assures you that your BBQ will stay in place even on the windiest Las Vegas days. In addition, a built-in BBQ adds so much class and sophistication to your backyard patio. Impress all your guests while you entertain this summer!


If you have a chimney constructed of either stone or brick, we can help restore and repair it. Bricks and stones can crack or shift over time, and the sealants or caulk can crumble or fall. J or J Welder can help restore your chimney to its former glory.


Pavers are a great way to incorporate stone masonry into your property. Create walkways between your patio to the pool or the BBQ or from your side gate to your deck. Pavers can help keep guests off your lawn and direct them to where the party is! They can also be created in many patterns, colors, and styles!

Fireplaces and more

There are many other ways to incorporate stone masonry in Las Vegas. You can install a custom, wood-burning masonry fireplace in your yard, zhuzh up your lamp posts or mailbox with stones, or add retaining walls or arches to your landscaping. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Factors to Consider for Stone Masonry

If you want to give your home a face-lift, you might want to consider changing your home’s look and feel with stone masonry. Here are some factors to consider before doing a renovation.

Real or Artificial

Natural stones are durable and offer a timeless appeal to your property. However, the delivery of these stones can exceed the cost of the product.

Artificial stones, also called as cast stones, are made by mixing cement, aggregate, dyes and colorants to get as close to any stone as possible.

Stone veneer, also known as faux stone, can be made from natural or manufactured stone designed to replicate a natural stone. Stone veneers are usually used as decorative facing material and non-load bearing. You can clad a concrete or steel structure using stone veneers.


Consult a professional first before painting your stone surface! Painting stone masonry has its own pros and cons. Although painting your stone is quicker and cheaper, make sure this is absolutely what you want because the specialized paint for stone and brick is permanent. Painting your stone surface would require you to maintain it every few years. 

Benefits of Stone Masonry in Your Las Vegas Home’s Design

Stone masonry has become very popular over the years. Many homeowners are now choosing to incorporate stone into their home designs.

Here are some of the benefits of stone masonry for your home.

  • Stone masonry is durable and long-lasting. They do not need to be replaced often and require little maintenance and repair.
  • Stones are naturally resistant to insects and termites. They do not attract these pests.
  • Stones are naturally fireproof. They do not burn quickly, and if they catch fire, they are less likely to spread flames.
  • Stone masonry is weather resistant.
  • Stone masonry gives your home a unique character. Whether natural or artificial, stone comes in various colors, shapes, sizes and textures, allowing endless design possibilities.

Picking the Right Stone Mason in Las Vegas

Now that you have decided to incorporate stone or brick into your yard, you want to ensure that you are going with the right expert stone mason for your masonry in Las Vegas. Finding the right stone mason can save you time and money in the long run because you will not need to worry about the job being completed incorrectly and needing to be redone at your expense.

Whether you are looking to install a stone fireplace or paver walkway, a patio, or anything else that involves natural stone or stone veneer, it is crucial to thoroughly vet your mason options and pick the one who is most qualified to perform the work at hand.

Licensed and Insured

One thing to look for is current business licensure and insurance. Certifications and accreditations are also good things to look for. However, they are less essential than a contractor or business license. Having a business or liability insurance policy gives you the peace of mind that if something occurs while the mason is on the job site, read: working on your property, you will not be held responsible. This could also save you money, as you would not be held legally or financially liable for injuries or damages sustained.

Registered and Accredited

Another thing you should look for when hiring for stone masonry contractors in Las Vegas is registration and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. While not essential, the BBB is an excellent way to get reputable feedback about a business based on actual customer reviews that have been verified. This eliminates the sensationalism that often occurs on other review sites such as social media and Yelp. Usually, you can get a good idea of the quality of work provided by companies registered with the BBB based on their ratings.

Transparent Pricing

One last thing to look for is transparent and up-front pricing information. In addition to just being on the same page with pricing, it’s also important to discuss what the payment schedule is expected to be. Many contractors expect a deposit before beginning work and then the rest of the payment after completion.

Masonry Contractors in Las Vegas

Whatever your stone masonry in Las Vegas project goals are, hire an experienced and knowledgeable contractor in masonry. The J or J Welder team can help! Please feel free to contact us today.