If you have invested time and money into redoing and updating your landscaping, you may be wondering what you can do in order to ensure that your yard stays looking as nice as it does when the landscapers finish with it. While each lawn and garden are their own unique designs, and they all might require slightly different maintenance regimens for the various plants, there are a handful of tools that are useful in almost every scenario. When you are looking for the best ways to keep up with your landscaping on your own, this list is a great place to start. 


While there are many benefits to getting your bare hands into some soil, more often than not, the ground in this part of the country consists of clay, sand, and rocks. This can be less than pleasant to work barehanded in. This is why we recommend investing in a quality pair of gloves to protect your hands when working in anything other than dirt. If you are not a fan of how thick some gardening gloves can be, or if you have more delicate plants to maintain, you may not be inclined to utilize gloves, as they can be difficult to maneuver with in their traditional forms. However, there is a great solution to this problem: thinner gloves. There are many options to choose from, but the Foxglove brand is a popular choice of desert gardeners. 


If you have installed plants or bushes in your desert landscaping, you may or may not be surprised when weeds start to grow. While they are a more common problem in many states with more luscious landscapes, they do still exist in our arid climate, and can quickly take over your flower beds or other soiled areas. There are many options for weeding tools, and each individual may have their own preferences. Long-handled weeders can be beneficial for getting into hard-to-reach places, whereas mini weeders can be more convenient in cramped spots. There are straight weeders and curved weeders, all of which have their uses. We recommend finding a style that works best for you and your landscape maintenance needs! 


Many desert landscapes include smaller trees and various kinds of bushes. In time, these plants need to be pruned in order to keep their shape, encourage growth, and ensure that they do not spread into areas they should not be in. Depending on the type of plants that you have in your yard, you may decide to go with large, industrial-grade pruners for taller trees and thick bushes, or you may decide to go with compact pruners to trim up thin branches and ground-level shrubs. Compact pruners have many benefits, such as being able to fit right in your pocket, so you will never misplace them and they will always be handy. Assess what kinds of plants you have in your landscaping, and decide what kind of pruner you need to maintain them. 

Convenient Clean Up Solutions

One of the most aggravating and tedious parts of maintaining your landscaping is the clean up afterwards. You can make clean up a breeze if you plan ahead, however, Get a large garbage can to keep near you to discard trimmings and weeds into, and avoid having to pick it all up off the ground later. Or, invest in a nifty tarp that has handles at the corner so you can lay it down prior to pruning, and then pick it up with all the trimmings in tow when you are done! 


While this is not necessarily a gardening or landscaping tool, we recommend getting a good hat that provides your face and neck with shade and protection from the sun. When you spend an extended amount of time outdoors to maintain your landscape, you may not even realize that you are exposing yourself to the scorching Las Vegas sun for as long as you are. If you don’t take proper precautions, you could end up paying the price later on! 

If you are not a fan of taking your landscaping and lawn maintenance into your own hands, even with the nifty assistance of these helpful tools, contact our team of landscaping experts today. We can help you develop a maintenance plan, and keep your yard looking as good as new!