There are many reasons that homeowners choose to invest in gates for their property. It could be to increase security for you and your household. Or it could be to add to the curb appeal of your home. Or, perhaps you want to add value to your home. Whatever your reasoning is, there are many different possible solutions for you to consider. The option that consistently checks off all of these motivations and then some is wrought iron gates. There are many benefits to these and many reasons why wrought iron gates are superior. 

Rust Resistant

While any metallic material is susceptible to rust, wrought iron is far less prone to rusting than other similar gate options. This is due to the mixture of slag, a fibrous material, which aids in the resilience to rust that wrought iron has. This quality helps these gates stay looking newer longer and extends their lifetimes. 

Easy Restoration

Whenever the life starts to appear as though it is draining out of a wrought iron gate, there’s no need to fret. Restoring this material is fairly simple. Typically a good wash and a fresh paint job will have it looking new for years to come. Easy maintenance and restoration extends the length of life for these gates. 


Out of typical gate materials such as vinyl, wood, and other metals, wrought iron is the most durable choice. These gates are fairly impact resistant, especially in comparison to other options, and their durability has been proven to withstand bending, denting, shock, and more. These factors lead to a long and strong life. 


As already mentioned, security is a driving factor for many people to invest in a good gate. Wrought iron gates are a fantastic solution for this motivation, as they are notably durable and resilient against tampering, and they tend to be tall and ominous, or at least they deter most people from attempting to climb them. 


Often with wrought iron gates, you can customize them to fit the appearance of your home and your particular style. This includes the overall shape, size, and the design details themselves. You can have these gates be as intricate or as simple as you would like. 

Easy Repairs

Just as it is easy to restore wrought iron gates, it is easy to repair them as well. If something happens to your gate, you most likely will not need to go about replacing the entire thing, but instead should be able to have just the damaged section repaired by a professional. 

Added Value

In addition to adding to the aesthetic of your property, a wrought iron gate can actually add to the value of it as well. Because of the quality of the material and how long it can last while retaining a good appearance, the investment allows you to ask for a higher price while selling your home. 

Why Not Wrought Iron? 

If wrought iron is this beneficial, why doesn’t everyone use it? Well, the biggest factor to consider is what kind of budget you are working with. It is true that you get what you pay for. This material may be more of an initial investment than some homeowners are looking to spend, however the benefits of the investment usually make it well worth the cost. Another factor that sometimes comes into consideration is the lack of privacy that wrought iron gates provide. This is not a driving factor for some people, but if it is, sometimes another option may be chosen instead.

If you’re ready to make an investment for the long term improvement of your property and want to do so by adding a wrought iron gate, contact us today!