When it comes to deciding on a fence or gate for your home or business property, there are several available choices. From vinyl and wood, to aluminum and metal, it can be overwhelming weighing all your options. With all of the aspects considered, wrought iron is consistently the best choice for home and business owners everywhere, and it offers several benefits as well!


One of the main reasons home and business owners choose to install fencing or gates is to make the property more secure. Wrought iron is a great choice for security purposes as it generally deters intruders from trying to pry gates open, climb fences, or otherwise attempt to trespass. In addition, automatic openers can be installed on wrought iron gates, so they cannot be manually operated. 

Easy Installation

Wrought iron fences and gates are fairly easy to install compared to some other fence types, which may require more meticulous leveling or preparation before installation. Because of this simplicity to install, these fencing or gate projects are usually completed fairly quickly, so you can get to enjoying your new barricade. 

Easy Maintenance

Wrought iron fences and gates initially may be more of an investment than using other materials, however, this is quickly made up for in the low cost of maintenance, as well as  how easy it is to keep up with. This particular material does not require much upkeep, and when it is time to be cleaned or maintained, all you need is a quick scrub with a wire brush and a splash of clean water to rinse away the grime. It is also fairly easy to fix and repair, as opposed to other materials which may need to be completely replaced. 


Wrought iron has additional benefits other than easy install and maintenance and stellar security. This kind of fencing or gates also has an aesthetic appeal. It is associated with elegance, class, and value. There are also many shapes, designs, and styles, so regardless of what your home decor is, there will be a wrought iron option that coordinates. The material is extremely versatile and will remain a relevant design feature for years to come. 


Where fences made of wood or vinyl easily crumple under pressure, wrought iron options hold their ground. Fences made from this material hold up well against the daily wear and tear, and they are known for withstanding excessive force as well, such as being run into by a car, or attempts to break or pry open the bars. This durability adds to the superior security that wrought iron offers. 

Overall, wrought iron offers home and business owners several benefits, including security, easy install and maintenance, aesthetic, and durability. Though wrought iron may be more of an initial investment, this is quickly made up for by money saved, and the value that is added to your property. If you have any questions, want to see what we can do, or want to have a custom fence or gate created and installed, contact us today!