With beautiful views like desert landscapes and rising mountains, as well as lengthy summers and moderate weather year-round, having an outdoor space that you can enjoy is essential. A big part of being able to live in your outdoors is having a functional outdoor kitchen. While this means something different for everyone, we decided to make a list of must-have gear for your outdoor culinary adventures! 



Depending on what you are going to be using your outdoor living area for, a fridge may come in handy. If you want to have cookouts with outdoor eating, you may choose to refrigerate the side dishes outside to free up space from your indoor fridge. This also comes in handy for keeping drink options cool, and for storing meats to be grilled up until they are ready to be prepared. Some people may not need all of this functionality and may instead choose to go for a drink cooler as opposed to a full-size fridge, which is where the beauty of customization comes in! 


Ice Maker

Continuously walking to and from your kitchen to retrieve ice for drinks can get old. Trying to keep ice from melting in coolers or ice buckets can be difficult as well. If you regularly find yourself entertaining with drinks outdoors, it may be a wise investment to install an ice maker in your outdoor kitchen setup. 


Outdoor Beer Dispenser


Beer Dispenser

If your cookouts often entail enjoying a cold one while downing some dogs, a beer dispenser might be a good option for your outdoor kitchen. Also sometimes referred to as a kegerator, this option allows you to dispense drinks to your guests faster and easier. It also means less cleanup of bottles or cans after the party is over! 


Full Bar


If mixed drinks are more your style, having a full bar, with coolers for mixers and counter space for liquors, as well as storage options for various glass types and a sink to wash them in, may make your life a whole lot easier. Adding in a can and bottle opener can prove to be beneficial as well! 



This one may seem like a given, however, what is not often considered is the wide variety of options for different kinds of grills that are available. There are stand-alone grills and built-in ones. There are gas grills and charcoal. There are grated grills and flat tops. Sizes, styles, and colors all vary. Your outdoor kitchen grill can be customized to fit your needs. Depending on what kinds of foods you are planning on preparing, and how much of them, you can choose an option that works best for you. 


Stovetop or Side Burners

If you plan on preparing hot side dishes to go along with your grilled cookout meals, you may want to choose a grill option with side burners or have an outdoor stove top installed. This will allow you to do all of your food preparation in one area, instead of having to go back and forth from your indoor stove to your outdoor grill. 


Other Cooking Appliances

There are many other appliances that you can get built into an outdoor kitchen. Pizza ovens make for great additions, as well as smokers or barbecue pits. Depending on what kinds of foods you and your household cook the most, you may decide to add one of these alternative cooking appliance options. 



outdoor storage


Simply storing items on your outdoor kitchen countertop is not a practical long-term option. With inclement weather, the potential to be broken or lost due to wind, and simply being exposed to the outdoors, your items would likely not last very long. It is important to choose good storage options like built-in shelving and cabinets that will protect your belongings. 

Regardless of what options you choose to include in your outdoor kitchen, they all need a good foundation. If you are looking at installing outdoor living space in your yard, contact our masonry and landscaping experts to see what we can do for you.