Are you looking for cost-effective ways to make your home look more luxurious? You’re in luck. At J or J Welder, we specialize in designing home exteriors with the best materials across landscaping, masonry, custom, and custom iron work. There are affordable ways to increase the curb appeal of your home by tapping into design principles that create the perception of luxury: stylish fencing, manicured landscaping, and the use of materials that look identical to expensive building materials without sacrificing on quality. Read on for ideas on how to transform your front yard.

Gate Your Front Yard with Decorative Iron

When it comes to a luxury home, you can be certain that two things come to every homeowner’s mind: security and exclusivity. A custom iron gate that lines your front yard will be the first thing that people see when they look at your home. They will see decorative iron and perhaps even an automated access gate for your cars. Iron gates with the right style, color, and height can add to the curb appeal of your home because people perceive the combination of style and security that a gate creates as highly desirable.

Accent Your Home with Decorative Landscaping

In addition to a custom iron gate, you can enhance the appearance of your home by investing in landscaping for your front yard. Adding hedges, plants, and/or trees that fare well in the Las Vegas heat can really elevate the appearance of your home. Greenspaces and areas that are landscaped are perceived as being more luxe, but you can also create a luxurious feel for your home by choosing to go with desert-friendly landscaping that relies more on decorative stone and gravel.

Keep Your Yard Clean

As a sort of “part b” to landscaping, making sure that your yard is clean will go a long way to make your front yard look more luxurious. This includes cleaning up fallen leaves, pine needles/pinecones, and picking up debris that has blown into your yard.

Place a Water Fountain in Front and Center

If your home has a circular or horseshoe driveway, you can make your front yard stand out by placing a water fountain or water feature in the center. You can choose to purchase a water fountain or have a custom base designed and built by your masonry contractors. Whichever you choose, you can be certain that it will create a focal point for your yard and elevate the entire landscape.

Use Stone Veneer to Add Curb Appeal

Another luxurious home design touch that is often overlooked is the use of stone veneer to add curb appeal without breaking the bank. Stone veneer can be placed over the original building materials to create the illusion of natural stone. This is excellent for areas that accentuate your home such as mailboxes and pillars near entrances.