Alright, you’ve invested money into your landscaping, and now your yard looks perfect! All that’s left to do is maintain it. Here in Las Vegas, we have scorching summers that are known to come with some pretty high temperatures. Not all plants are made for this weather, and even if they are, the harsh conditions can take a toll pretty quickly. Maintaining your landscape is a way to protect your investment. Let’s take a look at some ways to do this!

Timely Watering

Keeping your lawn and landscaping hydrated is essential to its health. Just as we drink more water when we are out in the heat, plants require more hydration. The key to keeping plants watered in the brutal summers, however, is to be timely with the waterings. 

In order to see the most success, water in shorter durations but with more frequency. This prevents plants from being drowned out all at once, but keeps hydration levels even throughout the day. Also, be mindful of the times you are watering. Doing so in the late afternoon and early morning can be beneficial in keeping the roots moisturized and eliminates hydration loss due to wind and evaporation. 

Many people make the mistake of watering midday. This is often the hottest part of the day, and the water quickly evaporates off of the plants, leaving them drier than before, and not allowing the full benefits of hydration to set in. 

Sprinkler Settings

Many times you can set sprinklers on a schedule, which can be helpful in ensuring that the watering never gets forgotten. This isn’t the only setting you should keep an eye on, however. As a responsible plant parent, you should test spray patterns of sprinklers, looking for any clogged lines or leaks. Also be sure to adjust sprinkler spray directions so every part of your landscaping is covered. 


Adding shade elements to your landscaping can help protect your lawn and plants. This keeps direct sunlight from assaulting them consistently, and also helps with water retention, so they can remain properly hydrated. Shaded parts of your yard can be more enjoyable to spend time in as well. 


Weeds growing alongside your plants can actually steal a decent amount of moisture. This creates competition for water amongst the plants and weeds. If this is the case, your landscaping may not be getting the hydration it actually needs. By regularly weeding your landscaping, or mulching around areas to help prevent weeds from growing, you are creating a more hospitable environment for your plants to grow in. 

While the Las Vegas climate may not be ideal for many landscapes, with some regular maintenance, you can ensure that your lawn and plants have a long and happy life. If you have questions, or are interested in getting landscaping done on your property, contact us today.