Masonry work is all around your home. It’s in the brick wall between you and your neighbors, it’s in the concrete driveway leading to your garage, and in the natural stone pool deck that accents your yard. While masonry work is an incredibly stylish and durable construction method that can elevate the appearance of any property, there will eventually come a time when it is time to call in a masonry construction company to touch up and even replace the stone with new and sturdy construction. Below are a few examples of signs that your home needs masonry work done.

Your Cinder Block Wall Starts Eroding

While brick and stonework are typically one of the strongest construction methods, especially for erecting walls, all stone materials are vulnerable to erosion when exposed to the elements for years.

There are two common reasons why your stone would erode: moving water and freezing water. Moving water, from a water sprinkler or hose, can be pressurized enough to erode the stone. Additionally, it’s common to see erosion caused by water that freezes in between the cracks and pores of stone, thawing, and repeating for many years. Eventually, the stone will lose its polished look and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Deteriorated or Missing Mortar

As the years go on, not only does the stone deteriorate from the elements, but so will the mortar. In many cases, the mortar might be the first thing to go. As the mortar between bricks becomes dry and flaky, it will begin to deteriorate and turn into dust. This will inevitably dislodge any bricks that were once held together by the mortar.

Frost Boil

Frost boil is pretty common in places where the climate can cycle between extreme cool and extreme heat. As moisture gets trapped behind bricks and stones, the cooling and expanding of the moisture can push and pull on bricks causing them to become uneven. This can affect both walls and stone walkways.

Repairing Your Home’s Masonry Work

Staying on top of your home’s stone and masonry work is as easy as reaching out to the J or J Welder team. Our experienced team can inspect, maintain, and repair the stonework around your home to ensure that your home’s stone looks as new as the day you had it installed.