If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced professional contractor to make and install a quality iron gate in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. At J or J Welder in Las Vegas, our clients love us because we design, manufacture, and install stylish and durable iron gates. It’s among our many talents as trusted Las Vegas contractors.

When hiring a company for iron gate installation or contracting out any work on your building, you want to follow these tips to ensure that you hire trained, experienced, and reliable contractors.

Find Out if the Iron Gate Installation Contractor Is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

If you read the J or J Welder blog, then you know already know the importance of working with contractors who are licensed and insured. This can protect you from working with contractors who are operating illegitimately, leaving you with 100% of the responsibility in the event of injury, theft, or damage. Always be sure to screen your contractors to ensure they are carrying the proper insurance and licenses.

Do They Manufacture Their Iron Gates and Rails

Another tip for hiring an iron gate installation company in Las Vegas is to find out if they design, manufacture, and install their ornamental ironwork in-house.

When a company has to subcontract the work out to another company, two things happen. First, the quality of the work may decrease as they do not directly supervise the design and manufacturing. Additionally, the added cost of outsourcing work will often get passed on to the customer.

A company that can handle every step of the process from design to installation is more likely to provide you with high-quality work for the best price as they can avoid those issues altogether.

Always Ask for Estimates up Front and Avoid Companies That Won’t Provide Clear Estimates

The process of receiving an estimate for a potential project can tell you a lot about the company that you are about to hire. A common practice in business is to not avoid giving customers an estimate when they ask for it over the phone or through email because salespeople feel like they have a better chance to close the deal in person. That being said, no customer likes that process would just like an estimate up-front so they can make a decision that’s in their budget. Always ask for a written estimate for the project and steer clear of any contractor that refuses to do so.