Stone Masonry

At J or J Welder, we know that our customers want their experience to be professional and convenient. They also require a wide selection of services and knowledge about all aspects of paving and stonework from us.

We do all types of custom stone masonry construction. Mainly custom masonry work, our skilled brick and stone masons will provide the quality and look you desire.

May 2024

10 Tips to Maintain Your Masonry Work in Las Vegas for Longevity and Beauty


The Foundations of Hardscaping: Transform Your Outdoor Space with J or J Welder Masonry work is a timeless and durable addition to any landscape, adding both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to your outdoor space. However, like all construction elements, masonry requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty and functionality. Proper care ensures that [...]

10 Tips to Maintain Your Masonry Work in Las Vegas for Longevity and Beauty2024-05-20T15:39:45-07:00

March 2024

Concrete Marvels: Beyond the Ordinary with J or J Welder


Concrete, known for its strength and durability, is often seen as a versatile and practical material for construction. However, in the hands of skilled craftsmen like J or J Welder, concrete transcends its utilitarian nature and becomes a medium for creating extraordinary works of art.  The Artistry of Concrete Concrete may not be the [...]

Concrete Marvels: Beyond the Ordinary with J or J Welder2024-03-18T13:48:54-07:00

September 2023

Your Outdoor Culinary Adventures


With beautiful views like desert landscapes and rising mountains, as well as lengthy summers and moderate weather year-round, having an outdoor space that you can enjoy is essential. A big part of being able to live in your outdoors is having a functional outdoor kitchen. While this means something different for everyone, we decided to [...]

Your Outdoor Culinary Adventures2023-09-20T14:29:00-07:00

February 2023

Natural Stone Masonry: What You Need to Know


You might think that knowing what stone is, and maybe even what masonry is, however, it may not be as easily deciphered as one may think. In recent years, many kinds of materials have been categorized as stone, when in fact, they are not actually natural stone. Since this category has continually grown, there is [...]

Natural Stone Masonry: What You Need to Know2023-02-22T20:03:57-08:00

March 2022

Signs Your Home Needs Masonry Work Done


Masonry work is all around your home. It’s in the brick wall between you and your neighbors, it’s in the concrete driveway leading to your garage, and in the natural stone pool deck that accents your yard. While masonry work is an incredibly stylish and durable construction method that can elevate the appearance of any [...]

Signs Your Home Needs Masonry Work Done2022-02-28T18:05:42-08:00

December 2021

3 Kinds of Concrete Work For Your Home


Are you looking for creative and cost-effective ways to design your backyard with pool decks, patios, and walkways? You may want to consider these 3 kinds of concrete work for your home: Salt Finish, Stamped Concrete, and Decorative Concrete. While you may think that all concrete is the same, different methods of treating and laying [...]

3 Kinds of Concrete Work For Your Home2021-12-06T22:24:00-08:00

July 2021

Stone Masonry in Las Vegas


If you are looking for stone masonry in Las Vegas, you have come to the right place. J or J Welder specializes in natural stone masonry, brickwork, concrete laying, and various other kinds of hardscape that can significantly benefit your home's curb appeal and functionality. You can incorporate stone masonry into the landscaping around your [...]

Stone Masonry in Las Vegas2022-11-18T00:45:05-08:00

May 2021

Common Causes of Brick Issues in Las Vegas


Bricks, cinder blocks, and other similar materials are used to build many kinds of structures. Whether it is a home, a landscaping feature, or a wall or fence, these building materials are usually solid and sturdy, and they make for long-lasting additions. As durable as they are, however, cracks and other damages can still occur. [...]

Common Causes of Brick Issues in Las Vegas2021-04-19T23:16:15-07:00

Incorporating Stone Into Your Patio


As the weather progressively gets nicer, we often tend to spend more time outdoors, gathered on patios for pool days and barbecues. If your patio is outdated or dilapidated, however, it may not be a pleasant place to spend a lot of time. There are many ways to go about updating or upgrading your patio [...]

Incorporating Stone Into Your Patio2021-04-19T23:13:16-07:00

March 2021

Concrete vs Paver Driveways


If you have been contemplating redoing your driveway, perhaps you are wondering what option you should go with. There are many available kinds of driveways for you to choose between, including concrete, brick, pavement, paver, cobblestone, and more. While we don’t offer every kind that exists, we do offer concrete and paver driveways. Even deciding [...]

Concrete vs Paver Driveways2021-03-16T22:48:21-07:00
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