Stone Masonry

At J or J Welder, we know that our customers want their experience to be professional and convenient. They also require a wide selection of services and knowledge about all aspects of paving and stonework from us.

We do all types of custom stone masonry construction. Mainly custom masonry work, our skilled brick and stone masons will provide the quality and look you desire.

February 2021

How to Pick the Right Mason


When you want to do a masonry project for your home, you want to make sure that it is done right. Finding the right mason can save you time and money in the long run, because you will not need to worry about the job being completed incorrectly and needing to be redone, at your [...]

How to Pick the Right Mason2021-03-01T04:57:57-08:00

January 2021

Common Landscaping Problems in Las Vegas


When you live in the desert of Las Vegas, it may seem impossible to have a luscious lawn and growing garden as part of your landscaping plans. However, this aspiration is truly not that far from reach. Taking care of Las Vegas landscaping is fairly simple, treat it how you would anywhere else, be sure [...]

Common Landscaping Problems in Las Vegas2020-12-09T16:55:47-08:00

Stone Veneer and Your Home


When it comes to masonry for your home, there are a few options that you can consider. Masonry projects can be completed with brick, glass, pavers, natural stone, veneers, and more. In many circumstances, stone veneer is a great way to not only improve the appearance of your home, but to increase its value as [...]

Stone Veneer and Your Home2020-12-09T16:50:01-08:00

December 2020

Masonry and Natural Stone Basics


You might think that knowing what stone is, and maybe even what masonry is, however, it may not be as easily deciphered as one may think. In recent years, many kinds of materials have been categorized as stone, when in fact, they are not actually natural stone. Since this category has continually grown, there is [...]

Masonry and Natural Stone Basics2020-11-02T17:44:24-08:00

June 2020

Brick & Mortar Repair


When it comes to brick and mortar houses and businesses, sometimes repairs need to be made. Masonry that becomes cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged is more than just a dent in your curb appeal. These kinds of issues can also be dangerous. Minor cracks and crevices may not seem like a big deal, however, once [...]

Brick & Mortar Repair2020-09-09T18:54:46-07:00

April 2020

Hardscape: What and Why


When it comes to landscaping, most of the time, what immediately comes to mind is green lawns, lush trees, and intricate flower gardens. This is all what is classified as softscape. There is more to landscape than simply the greenery, however. Another key aspect is hardscape.  What is Hardscape?  Hardscape can be classified as any [...]

Hardscape: What and Why2020-09-09T18:55:38-07:00

March 2020

Natural Stone: Adding Value to Your Home


Whether you simply want to improve on the quality of your home, or if you are planning to sell at some point in the future, investing in a natural stone feature can add tremendous value. Natural stone is a gorgeous way to enhance elements both inside and outside your home. In addition, this kind of [...]

Natural Stone: Adding Value to Your Home2020-09-09T18:56:09-07:00
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